How is a coffee machine Carimali Cento 50 E2 ? How is the product quality? A detailed review of this product will be provided in the content below.


Carimali – “The oldest machine” in the rest of Italian coffee machine

Carimali is a brand with more than 100 years of history. Through many ups and downs, Carimali still stands firm in the fiercely competitive market.


Very few companies can offer both traditional and automatic brewers. Carimali is one of them. It seems that Carimali always respects and tries to preserve traditional values. This is clearly shown through the product design of this brand.


To make it easier to visualize, we will discuss Carimali Cento 50 E2 in this article.



Currently, many people are concerned about coffee machine products originating from China. In fact, a lot of people don’t know clearly and meticulously. They had a grudge and dismissed products from China. This would be an unfair, missed opportunity possibly or bring bad consequences in business. For example, when the seller tries to avoid providing information or fraudulent information for buyers about the actual origin of the machine…


Carimali is an Italian enterprise specializing in the production of coffee machines. This company was founded in 1919 in Milan. Currently, Carimali’s head office is located near Bergamoo, Italy. This is also where the main manufacturing is located. By 2013, Carimali Cartering Equipment Company was established in Suzhou, China. This unit is the second unit that act as the regional distribution hub.


Thus, in Asia, Carimali’s products will be sourced from China.

Carimali develops the two main brands Carimali and Macco. By 2000, these products were distributed worldwide. Therefore, buyers can completely rest assured to choose and use. Carimali’s credit system is consistent with all product codes worldwide. Similar to Iphone in the US, Hong Kong markets…


Carimali Cento 50 E2 is introduced by the manufacturer as “a new traditional coffee machine”.

In terms of form, Carimali Cento 50 E2 has a square model but doesn’t feel rough. This is achieved by rounded lines at 4 corners of the camera. This lends a soft, comfortable feel to this “mechanical” engineering design. Materials used outside are mainly ABS plastic and metal (stainless steel).


The cup warmer of Carimali Cento 50 E2 is located on the top of the machine. This is an almost undisputed design point. It allows the operator to easily pick up the cup/cup. Handlings are in a very convenient and professional way.


The control panel is designed at the user’s eyesight. With combinations of keys, wipers… In the top center of the control panel is a small LCD screen. The display shows the water temperature. Let’s the user know when the machine is ready for using.

Below the LCD screen are two rows of buttons on either side, corresponding to the control operation for 2 extraction groups.

The machine is designed with 10 friendly function keys, easy to use to operate and produce a delicious cup of coffee at any time. These 10 function keys (each group is controlled by 5 keys) correspond to each user’s actual needs such as espresso or coffee, 1 shot or 2 shots. The design of the LED light creates a round blue border to each key, combined with the shiny mirror metal to create an extremely luxurious and eye-catching highlight.


Cento 50 E2 is equipped with pre-infusion function. This technology is for the purpose of soaking coffee powder in the filter before extraction. Helps ensure that the “coffee cake” is evenly soaked with water, increasing the ability to extract all the quality and taste of the coffee.


Two outer edges of the control panel are the steam lever and hot water faucet. Unlike some other models, Carimali Cento 50 E2 uses an up and down wiper to control the steam wand instead of a rotary knob.


On other hand, in front of the steam nozzle, there will be a pressure gauge, making it easy for the bartender to control the technical manipulations for each cup of coffee, towards the homogenization of flavor and taste for each shot.


In terms of technical details, the Carimali Cento 50 E2 is equipped with a Fluid-O-Tech pump head.

This is a “Made in Italy” pump head with NSF certification

This pump head is self-priming and operates quietly. The pump head has an internal drain valve with a long, durable life. The boiler of the machine is single-pot, easy to maintain. It works stably with the heat exchanger. 11L boiler capacity with 3150W capacity. This makes Cento 50 E2 powerful. Extraction capacity up to 480 cups/hour. This is one of the most important factors when choosing a mixer.


When considering the option of equipping a coffee machine for the shop, the investor needs to consider the ability to serve the amount of coffee in the day of his shop, in order to equip the appropriate coffee machine. For cafes with large serving capacity, up to several hundred cups of coffee a day, Cento 50 E2 is a product worthy of consideration by investors.


To save initial investment costs, buyers often tend to choose small, cheap machines.


Small capacity machines are often advertised very attractively that can brew up to hundreds of cups/day (but how many cups/hour is not known exactly. or spread evenly throughout the day so the machine has time to rest and calculate based on the average)


Damaged burning rod due to overload


A coffee machine with a small boiler, poor cooking ability will make coffee extraction not really stable when the amount of coffee increases. In addition, if “trying to take more benifit” from a small machine to serve large quantities for a long time can lead to the burning and damage to the machine. Be careful, sustainable and long-term investment calculation will save investors both time, effort and money, helping to improve business efficiency.


In terms of technology, Cento 50 E2 is equipped with a probe and a main for continuous boiler temperature control.


Besides, safety sensor system is also set up for boiler. The system does not return liquid to the boiler and the steam nozzle with a vacuum valve helps to ensure that the water used for coffee extraction and milking is always guaranteed.


In terms of price, Carimali Cento 50 E2 has a very competitive price compared to other models in the same segment. With a price of less than 80 million, a stable serving capacity of over 400 cups of coffee/hour, Carimali Cento 50 E2 is a great Italian coffee machine that deserves attention, research and investment.


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